Advisory Board

Tania Bosak
Tupac Mantilla

Junta de Asesoramiento Internacional de TaKeTiNa – International TaKeTiNa Advisory Board (ITAB)

Con el rápido crecimiento del campo de TaKeTiNa, más y más profesor@s certificad@s de varios países trabajan por el mundo con TaKeTiNa. Para apoyar a estos profesor@s y asegurar el mantenimiento e incrementar la calidad para los participantes, fue implementada en 2019 la Junta de Asesoramiento Internacional de TaKeTiNa. Consiste en algun@s de los profesores con más experiencia, y también expertos en varios campos que asistirán al Instituto TaKeTiNa en la toma de decisiones, lanzamiento de nuevos proyectos, documentación de la investigación e implementación de nuevos métodos de entrenamiento para los profesor@s alrededor del mundo.


La fundación de miembros de la Junta de Asesoramiento Internacional de TaKeTiNa, respaldados por el fundador de TaKeTiNa, Reinhard Flatischler son: Tania Bosak, Astrid Bosshard, Andreas Wittwer, Frank Rihm, Tupac Mantilla, Anna-Maria Weber y Gustavo Gitti. Nuevos miembros serán incorporados por la fundación de miembros bajo supervisión del Instituto TaKeTiNa.


La misión de la Junta de Asesoramiento Internacional de TaKeTiNa es realizar el potencial completo del Proceso Rítmico TaKeTiNa globalmente, y desarrollar visiones futuras para el campo de TaKeTiNa. Los miembros de la junta están activamente comprometidos en el proceso de TaKeTiNa, y tienen lealtad al fundador, y al contenido del trabajo. Así como la intención de expandir colectivamente el conocimiento y la conciencia del trabajo de TaKeTiNa internacionalmente. Los miembros del ITAB comparten una actitud respetuosa por la diversidad en la que TaKeTiNa es utilizado y enseñado sin embargo velan por una interpretación clara de las fundaciones y por la integridad en que el trabajo es representado.


Proteger y promover el propósito original del Proceso TaKeTiNa.
Proveer oportunidades y plataformas para el intercambio y desarrollo profesional en el campo de TaKeTiNa.
Vislumbrar y promover el desarrollo de la metodología de TaKeTiNa en entrenamientos prácticos y profesionales.
Proveer continuidad a los procedimientos regulatorios del Instituto TaKeTiNa, con respecto a las certificaciones de profesor@s, contratos y el uso del nombre de la marca TaKeTiNa.
Administrar y proteger la marca registrada TaKeTiNa en Europa, Estados Unidos, Australia, Sudamérica y China.
Recolectar y archivar material educativo, libros, medios impresos, grabaciones e investigaciones asociadas con el Proceso TaKeTiNa y su fundador Reinhard Flatischler.

Tania Bosak

Tania Bosak

Master TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teacher, Musician, Composer, Actress

Tania Bosak studied Dance and Performing Arts in Australia, where she has been living and working as a professional musician and music educator since 1991. She holds the Ericksonian Diploma in counseling and hypnosis (CET Australia) and was awarded a Churchill Fellowship for studies in Korean drum and dance.

Tania is the founder and director of „Pulse Rhythm“, a specialised training method for actors and musicians. Tania Bosak teaches Rhythm and TaKeTiNa at NMIT and works with the IDJA dance theatre as live composer and rhythm specialist.

Tania Bosak will assist and co-lead training courses and workshops together with Reinhard Flatischler in Europe and Australia in 2016-2018 and will also be researching the clinical applications of TaKeTiNa.

Astrid Bosshard

Music Professor, Senior TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teacher currently undergoing her Master Training

Astrid Bosshard, born 1964 in Switzerland, has had more than 20 years of experience managing and teaching music and movement at the Academy of Music in Basel where she holds a professorship.

Astrid Bosshard has dedicated herself intensively to the research, application and integration of TaKeTiNa in music education. She teaches and mentors Bachelor’s and Master’s students in methodology and teaching skills.

TaKeTiNa has become an integral part of her teachings at the Music Academy and in open workshops. Astrid Bosshard holds a degree in music and movement education from the University Mozarteum / Orff Institute in Salzburg.

For many years she studied embodied voice-work with Lisa Sokolov, Alexander technique, improvisation, meditation. In 2016 she qualified in potential-oriented Psychotherapy in ZIST.

Andreas Wittwer

Musician, Music Teacher, Senior TaKeTiNa Teacher currently undergoing his Master Training

Born 1962 in Switzerland, Andreas Wittwer holds a degree in classical church music. He majored in organ, conducting and singing and for many years worked with choirs and as a conducter and organist.

He studied embodied voice work, voice improvisation, percussion and drumming with different teachers and is experienced in meditation in the tradition of contemplation / zazen.

Andreas Wittwer has facilitated TaKeTiNa workshops for 15 years in Switzerland, the Czech Republic and other European countries. Since 2015 he has been collaborating with Reinhard Flatischler as a co–leader and assistant for the European TaKeTiNa Teacher Training course in ZIST, Germany. As a music teacher he has been exploring the application of TaKeTiNa in music education whilst teaching workshops.

Frank Rihm

Frank Rihm is a qualified music therapist, advanced TaKeTiNa teacher, senior creativity and Gestalt Therapist at the Fachklinik Heiligenfeld. He also is the director of the ongoing 2016-18 “TaKeTiNa rhythm therapy” training course.

He graduated in somatic and humanistic psychotherapy and is recognised by the Association of European Psychotherapists and Naturopaths.

In his work at the Fachklinik Heiligenfeld, Frank Rihm uses both psychodynamically oriented psychotherapy and non-verbal methods (in particular TaKeTiNa).

Tupac Mantilla

Tupac Mantilla from Bogota, Colombia is the founder and CEO of the global percussion network “PERCUACTION” which leads several educational and social projects in music and percussion around the world. He is the artistic director of the experimental percussion group Tekeyé and has performed with musicians like Bobby McFerrin, Zakir Hussain, Steve Smith, Bob Moses and John Patitucci.

Tupac Mantilla is regarded as one of the most versatile and creative artists in Latin America. His work as a performer, educator, producer and clinician has been recognised worldwide and includes appearances in major festivals and institutions such as Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center, Harvard University, Kennedy Center, Berkelee College, North Sea Jazz oder Montreaux Jazz.

Tupac is co-director of the TaKeTiNa Drums & Percussion Training course.

Anna-Maria Weber

Anna-Maria Weber studied flute, instrumental pedagogy and chamber music at the Music University Trossingen with Prof. Arife Gülsen Tatu. She attended a further training in music mediation at the University of the Arts Bremen as well as amongst others masterclasses with Andrea Lieberknecht, Christina Fassbender and Gudrun Hinze. She won several awards in international music competitions.

Anna is a freelance musician in various orchestras and ensembles and a flute teacher as well as TaKeTiNa teacher. She works on incorporating the TaKeTiNa knowledge into the classic field.

She is also head of the TaKeTiNa Office.

Gustavo Gitti

Gustavo Gitti has become the first TaKeTiNa teacher in Brazil. He lives in São Paulo, writes about relationships in “Vida Simples” magazine, studies and practices Buddhist mind training under the guidance of Lama Padma Samten and works in (an online community dedicated to human flourishment in daily life).