Experience a unique way of encountering rhythm.



Ta Ke Ti Na – four rhythm syllables represent a unique and outstanding method to experience, learn and become one with the most fundamental power of life – rhythm.

Areas of Application

TaKeTiNa® promotes health, boosts resilience and is an acknowledged cure for depression, burnout and heart arrhythmia.
TaKeTiNa® also is the most comprehensive form of rhythm pedagogy of our time.
Recently TaKeTiNa® also opens new pathways in the realm of meditation, fitness, dance and corporate training.

TaKeTiNa® is one of the most effective learning processes for the development of musical and human skills alike.

TaKeTiNa® inspires me every day to bring out the very best of myself – as a musician, as a teacher, and as a composer.

TaKeTiNa® is my passion – it is, what I live for. It is a path for musical and personal growth that helps to develop creativity, courage, resilience and inner balance.


Reinhard Flatischler, Founder

The rhythmic R-Evolution

In 2020 TaKeTiNa® celebrates its 50th anniversary. Half a century ago a new vision and a revolutionary learning system was born that enables every human being to have direct access to rhythm – the fundamental power of life.
TaKeTiNa® has conquered countless hearts around the globe and brought people together, who otherwise would never have met.

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