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DEC 31st 2019 – JAN 3rd 2020


Bringing together TaKeTiNa®, R.I.T.M.O, Kokoro Yoga, Unbeatable Mind® and sound meditation, this program bridges advanced rhythm experience with new forms of fitness training for body, mind and spirit.

Entering timelessness... Wow, what a feeling, to have the freedom to lay down and jump around. Thanks for the tangible freedom and the wisdom of chaos!

Lioba S. – Participant of a Taketina Workshop

I feel so enriched by Taketina! Sinking into the interaction between concentration and relaxation was quite rewarding.

David N. – Participant of a Taketina Workshop

This workshop really was an incredible experience with all imaginable hights and profundities. It was awesome to witness how joyful people became and how intimate the atmosphere unfolded in this workshop. Thank you so much!

Rahel S. – Participant of a Taketina Workshop

TaKeTiNa® a path for musical and personal growth that helps to develop creativity, courage, resilience and inner balance.

TaKeTiNa® inspires me every day to bring out the very best of myself – as a musician, as a teacher, as a composer.

TaKeTiNa® is my passion – it is, what I live for. 

Reinhard Flatischler

If old Kant had only known TaKeTiNa®…


…then the brave old philosopher might have been saved many a night’s work and might possibly have never written his “Critique of Pure Reason”. Instead of incessantly reflecting on how to solve the many problems we humans keep on causing with our limited understanding, dear old Immanuel might have seen from TaKeTiNa® that it can sometimes be more helpful to give up conscious control instead of trying to increase it.

But old Kant would probably have begun to despair during the first exercises. Thus, not much would have been won by him simply knowing about TaKeTiNa®. He would have had needed you, dear Reinhard and Cornelia, or one of the other competent teachers of this art – someone who would have been able to invite him, to encourage him and to inspire him to make the wonderful experience that life can only succeed when our controlling mind – at least sometimes – “gives up” and simply surrenders to what is in us as well as what is going on with us and around us.


Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther

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