TaKeTiNa im Management
TaKeTiNa im Management
Firmenevents mit Trommeln und TaKeTiNa

Personalentwicklung mit TaKeTiNa

Firmenevents mit Trommeln und Rhythmus

Seit mehr als 15 Jahren haben Unternehmen den Nutzen von TaKeTiNa für ihre Personalentwicklung erkannt und Reinhard Flatischler für TaKeTiNa Trainings engagiert, darunter

- Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg
- HRblue AG, Baldham
- BMW AG, München
- Daimler AG, Stuttgart
- Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG

Informationen über Angebote für Unternehmen: office@taketina.com

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For management and corporate clients

TaKeTiNa empowers thinking and perception: the synchronous evolvement of different rhythms within the body develops the capacity for simultaneous perception. This in turn accelerates the absorption and assimilation of information. TaKeTiNa helps to keep a clear head even in chaotic situations and makes it easy to oversee several projects in parallel. TaKeTiNa may help you and your employees or co-workers to:

  • Manage chaotic phases creatively and efficiently
  • Act flexibly and connectedly
  • Reduce and lose the fear of making mistakes
  • Prevent burn-out even during high-stress periods

TaKeTiNa is a unique group process that facilitates a healthy and success-enhancing work rhythm and increases creativity, intuition and mental and physical vigor. As stress is dissipated, thought becomes clearer and quieter and leaves more room for original vision.

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